Budgeting for Marketing Activities – 4

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In the last 3 posts we started with a “back of the envelope” calculations for getting a marketing budget. Then we looked at the complexity of the B2B market with not knowing who is the actual decision maker in these customers. We also spoke of having the marketing stamina to last you for a long time because generally B2B buying is not impulsive.

Now let’s look at what options you have for getting in front of the customers from an economics standpoint. In the post yesterday, I touched on a few of these points.

When selecting the media to reach out to the 1000 prospects, whether you want to use Linkedin or Google Ads or plain print pamphlets or events or banner ads, you have to figure out the economics which will generate the traffic to get you your 10 orders.

If you have been in business for a few years, you would have data on the number of leads needed to get an order. Suppose this number is 10, for keeping the simplicity in our calculations, then you are looking to generate a minimum of 100 leads.

Since we have assumed a lead time of 3 months for an order, we raise this target to 125 leads through the year or 100 leads in 9 months. Therefore if your budget is $25000/- for the year, you can happily spend $200 (25000/125) to get a lead and you have to spend this over a one year period. Which means on a per month basis you can spend about $16/- per lead or overall $1600/- per month on whatever mix of media you want to use.

Now every advertisement you create or every event you do will not be a success. So you have to also account for that process.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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