Every education has a price to be paid

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In ancient times in India there was a concept of paying fees (dakshina) to the teacher (guru) after the education was over. It could be in terms of whatever the teacher wanted. Money as medium of exchange was not so prevalent in my opinion hence it was generally in kind and typically what the “guru” wanted. The teachers were reverred more than God because it was thought that the route to reach God would not be feasible without a good teacher.

Yesterday while I was listening to a show on ETNow a finance TV channel in India, there was one a very mature fund manager Samir Arora who was getting interviewed.

Through the interview he made a statement which suddenly caught my attention. While he was talking in terms of the financial markets in India, the statement is true for every field. Every education that you get has a price to be paid. In the financial markets, while I have read a lot of books and heard a lot of lectures, what you learn when you start playing the “game” is invaluable. I for example have learnt that I don’t have the psychology to trade even though I know most of the rules.

While there’s nothing better than getting a real life education, it can take a lot of time even though you may not be paying money but you will end up paying with your time.

That’s where experienced coaches can help, if they are in the field you’re wanting to take. That’s why I pay to join programs from Joe Polish and Jay Abraham and others. These kind of coaches can help speed up your learning process, so you save on time.

If you want to save time to get the experience faster, pay the fees to a coach, because you will have to pay for the education either in terms of money or in terms of time.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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