Self Trust

Habits, self esteem, Trust

One of the biggest boost for self esteem is when you achieve those small small targets on a daily basis.

When you don’t hit a commitment which you made to yourself, it is more damaging to your self esteem and you start doubting yourself .

If you sub consciously start doubting yourself on your ability to achieve the small things, then you will not trust yourself to achieve the big things.

As Stephen Covey writes in his book the Speed of Trust, the onus of creating Trust starts with the self.

I have written multiple times earlier also, if you can take micro steps that B. J. Fogg talks about in his book Tiny Habits, the compounded impact is massive for your own self esteem. Once your self esteem grows , you create new capabilities and you tend to start getting more confidence. Once you get more confident you start looking at even bigger challenges to achieve.

That is a positive snowball effect and it all starts with your self trust.

This is all for today.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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