Prioritizing the top 2 or 3 activities

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A lot of self help books will talk about identifying the top 3 issues to be handled the next day and listing them.

The 80/20 rule is fractal, which simply means there’s an 80/20 within an 80/20. So while 20% of the causes are responsible for 80% of the problems, 64% of the problems are caused by just 4%.

Now prioritizing your day or prioritizing your marketing plan has the same basic fundamental to it. The issue is not whether the number is 3 or the number is 2 or 1. The issue is about being able to identify those key items within your next day plan or your marketing plan which will be responsible for helping you get 80% of the way.

The value is always in the hinges (20%) which help you move large doors (80%) with very little effort.

Its about utilising the 20% creative part – the subject line of your email as an example – which if done right can get the remaining part of your email campaign successful. Its not that the process of getting the emails sent is not important, but once the subject line is well crafted and gets responses, then the process of sending mails can be automated.

Within this 20% however if I look at it, identifying the right list/database/market segment, the 4% will get you more than 60% of the way, because then you can build your message accordingly better, tighter etc. Segmenting or finding a niche is all about finding the most attractive, most responsive set of clients which will help you get your product or service faster.

Not all tasks are built alike. I still get caught up in minutiae and sometimes end up spending a whole day just on them. But to come back to the self help book analogy, if you have prioritized your top tasks in your plan in advance and you STICK to them, you should be able to hit most of your goals.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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