Referrals – a lesson from Covid vaccination


Today I went for my first shot of vaccination.

I had heard that in India we have now reached a vaccination figure of 2.5 million a day. That’s a very large number of people. My expectation was that there will be massive chaos when 2.5 million people are being vaccinated in a day.

In India all the Covid vaccination is free. In case you want to get the vaccine administered at a private hospital then there is a very small fee which the hospital can charge for the services.

I was amazed when I reached the government hospital in Noida. I must congratulate the government authorities for such elaborate arrangements to ensure social distancing, to ensure that not a single person faced any issue while getting the vaccine. In India we are generally apprehensive of government hospitals but my view of this handling has completely changed my view of government run hospitals.

Today whoever we spoke to after the vaccination, we absolutely referred this government hospital because of the amazing service we got with everyone from the security guards who were directing the flow of people, to the people who were administering the actual vaccine, to the CoWin App which the government has made.

Which brings me to another aspect of marketing. We rarely use referrals as a strategy to grow the business. Most of us including me sometimes, think that the customer is doing us a favour by referring us to others. On the other hand as you will see from my experience, I actually wanted to tell everyone about my experience because it was so good and because I want them to have the same experience. When they have the same experience they will thank me for it, which will make me feel even better.

We will explore referrals over the next few posts more.

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

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