Live a life…Zindagi na milegi doobara


When you plan your financial journey one of the big challenges is moving targets which don’t let you LIVE your life.

You start by thinking you will save “X” and by the age of 40 or 50 or whatever you will leave your job and do something on your own which will give you happiness and help you get to your dream.  But then you get married, you have kids, their education, your parents and their ill-health and inflation and suddenly you realise you have not been able to save enough so you cant retire.

So you change the target for retiring but then your children get into higher education  and you have to pay for their fees and the dream of doing something you like only remains a dream and life just passes by.

All the above has actually happened to me and I have lived it and understand the frustration that causes.

I was watching the movie “Zindagi na milaegi doubara” by Zoya Akhtar….this a Hindi movie and a favourite of mine.  One of the leads is a character played by Hritik Roshan who has this need for money to define himself.  But when he goes scuba diving, he suddenly realises what he’s been missing in life.  All the characters one by one realise the fears that were holding them back and get liberated.

Life is passing us by everyday…let us not waste it by living only for our obligations and saving only for a rainy day.

Create a bucket where you can also save for going after your own dreams…what Tony Robbins in his book “Money …Master the game” calls the dream bucket.  Make money work for you and keep putting things in your dream bucket so that you can live a fulfilled life.

Carpe Diem….Sieze the day!!!

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