Doubling of farm incomes in India by 2022….and what it means for you and me


In this year’s address to the nation (India) on our Independence Day the PM spoke about doubling of farm incomes by 2022.

If we keep the political issues involved out of the way and just look at the impact this could have – if it becomes a reality – on all of us in India.

Since a major portion of the 125 crore (1.25 billion) Indian population still stays in the hinterland, doubling of incomes over there will mean a burst of consumption at the grass root level.  The cascading effect of that is unthinkable.  the demand for soaps & biscuits to paints & automobiles and just about everything in between will be mind boggling.  Companies which can meet this demand will grow geometrically forward.  Which will in turn need a higher amount of services and infrastructure.  From a approximately 2 trillion dollar economy we could become 5 trillion dollar in no time and the wealth that will create.

If you are young and systematically invest (not save….I will take this up in my next post) into this economy, you will create massive wealth.  You have a bright future….invest in it now.

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