Build your own framework – avoid flash in the pan success

B2B, Frameworks, Methodologies, Product Management

Always strive to have a methodology for getting something to happen. Frameworks, formulas, recipes, methodologies, call them with whatever name, reduce the chance of doing something random each time and then hoping for success.

Luck does play a major role in life, but with a process in place over a period of time you start eliminating things and standardize on things as far as possible. The lesser the number of non-standard items, the lower the possibility of luck.

But when you are starting a new product line or when you are new into the job as a Product Management person, how do you get started. First is the standard marketing books on the subject. But it will be very rare that you will get the exact process for your product.

First understand your product, the exact market niche you want to target, the ecosystem and infrastructure and then go out and start trying to succeed. You are bound to fail in the initial stages in either understanding the market, in identifying the message which will resonate etc.

Once you fail, also identify the causation and not only the co-relation. This failure will be the biggest learning for you to know what you don’t need to do next. And then the biggest thing – document it.

This documentation will be the basis of your own frameworks and methodology, so that when you get success you can keep testing it and seeing what parts caused it the success.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!