Marketing and use of education

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I have written a few posts on this subject earlier also. What is different in this post is that I have been seeing which industries do more of this and which not so much.

What I have observed is that in India, its the financial industry – specifically Portfolio Management Companies and Equity investment houses and to a certain extent Mutual fund companies that do a lot of work towards educating their customers, in their own different ways.

So you could have representatives of fund houses come on business channels and on internet properties and talk about their view of where the market is going. Generally the underlying point of the discussion is related to the kind of fund they are launching.

I have already written earlier also about the enormous amount of knowledge that Raamdeo Aggarwal of Motilal Oswal spreads free of cost with his Wealth Creation studies. Its an enormous amount of effort these people would be going through to create these wealth creation studies. The amount of knowledge I have got through reading these free reports, of the Indian stock markets, is more than all the knowledge I have gained over the years by buying and reading books from international authors. to be fair to the international authors, there are certain nuances about the Indian stock market that are different than the more matured US stock markets.

An author whom I have written about earlier also is Saurabh Mukherjea. He weaves interesting stories in his books and includes a lot of background information about the Indian stock markets. He runs a company by the name of Marcellus Investments. You could read the books to gain the knowledge that he is giving or you could also understand the philosophy of their investment process. If you like it, you could actually also park your money with them. He has recently come out with a book Diamonds in the Dust:Consistent Compounding for Extraordinary Wealth Creation, again with a lot of in-depth examples and case studies.

All this education , in all the three examples, is given on absolute neutral basis, but all of them do inform about their philosophy and how their funds work, in passing. So if you like their philosophy you could decide to use them for your financial goals.

So as an example, since I had gained so much free education from Motilal Oswal, I felt obliged to open my demat account with them , when I wanted to enter into the stock market. Indirectly that investment in freely educating me, by Motilal Oswal, has resulted in consistent business for them.

See how you can utilise education to indirectly influence your prospects.

Till next time then.

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