Creating Novelty – fighting boredom

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I wrote multiple posts on how boredom gets the brain distracted. When your prospect is distracted, whatever message you’re trying to convey, will get passed over for the next item which takes the prospect’s attention.

The way to fight boredom is to make your message and sometimes your medium interesting. How do you do that?

One way to do that is to create novelty, another could be intrigue /mystery. There could be a lot more. At the end of the day marketing is applied psychology, so human behavior can be checked and incorporated into your marketing.

Novelty can come in various forms – one of the most common ways to attract attention would be to use the word NEW in front of your product and then list out your product attributes which are new and novel.

In the case of mobile phones, they talk of the camera lens or processor generation to showcase novelty. In case of televisions its about the display.

All the above products are commodity products, so people will not pay attention to the messaging / advertising if they don’t see any novelty. In case of consumer products being advertised on television, this is a very big challenge for the product manager, because people change the channel with the remote, the moment they find anything boring.

For the B2B product management or marketing person, especially in the services space, the challenge is a lot tougher in terms of creating novelty. You need to be able to come out with something related to your process or your technology and project it as something unique.

Operating in this space I have had many different experiences with trying to attract attention. Depending on the hierarchy of the B2B people you are trying to attract, the industry that you are targeting everything will make difference to the “novelty ” you are trying to bring out. But that’s what makes product management in the technology space interesting.

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Boredom in marketing….cause for distraction – Part 2

B2B, Marketing, messaging, Triggers

In the first part we spoke about how marketing is all about applied psychology. So to ensure that the prospects read and respond to your message they have to get curious about what you send to them.

When you are marketing to consumers, you can have different nuances like comedy, location and other things to make the prospect curious about your offerings. However when you are marketing to B2B customers the messaging has to be a little more formal. The remaining part of the post is focused on B2B messaging and how to make it more interesting for the recipient so that they don’t get bored and move to the next item.

One way, to ensure you are not boring, that I have written about multiple times earlier, is using triggers. These could be related to the industry in general, the company in particular or the person specifically. The more specific the trigger, more the chance of getting a person interested.

In B2B messaging, the concept of triggers, works best when you’re doing one – on – one messaging. A person could have joined new, a person could have got promoted, a person could have moved to a new department within the company. The CEO of the company could have set new priorities. Or the price of oil going up could impact the company positively or negatively. You will need to have people dedicated to working on tracking these triggers for your list of prospects.

You then need to mold your message about your offerings and make it relevant with the triggers. If you’re using FedEx or a similar service you could even deliver an oversized package to draw the attention of your prospect even further. On the other hand if you’re going to use email then the message has to be short and should invoke curiosity.

We will discuss in more detail next time.

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