Lettuce and Garbage

B2B, Marketing, persistence

The difference between lettuce and garbage is Timing. If the lettuce is used at the right time, its good for health and can be used for layering various foods. On the other hand if you don’t use it when its fresh, it can cause food poisioning.

In case of marketing, timing is a major factor for success. In case of investments , I strongly suggest doing systematic investments so timing becomes irrelevant.

However in case of marketing, if the customer doesn’t think of your name when “her” need arises, then you will lose the sale. That’s the reason why you see the advertisements of Coke, Pepsi etc. all year round.

Even though B2B buyers are not impulsive, the logic still applies. If when the buyer begins to start evaluating a company to replace an incumbent and you are not in front of them, they may not contact you and you could lose a lead.

People have so many things going on in their lives, expecting them to remember you because you sent them some information or called them, about 6 months back, doesn’t work. Obviously you don’t want to bombard them with messages which are only self serving. If you add value to their business and then talk a little bit about yourself then its okay.

Till email was not prevalent, most companies used to send out newsletters, whitepapers or catalogs with detailed usage guidelines on a regular basis. With emails becoming so prevalent, if you send something which is in print form, it will actually stand out. Though with people working from home, this can be a constraint. So use email and print both or whatever other vehicle suits you. The email could be 2 times a week while a newsletter or postcard could be twice a month and maybe a seminar once in a quarter..

Whatever is the combination of methods you choose, ensure that you are persistent with it. Using marketing automation tools, you can actually make a lot of this work in the background. That in itself will also create a brand & trust for you, because of your predictability.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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