Some more interesting aspects of Sugar


I came to know about the white sugar poison during the early part of this century when my father told me of research he had read where sugar was defined as the white poison.

Today I was reading the book “Cracked IT” and came to know that John Yudkin a doctor in the UK had written a book “Pure White and Deadly” way back in the mid 1950s but because of better lobbying by people with smarter communication abilities, his work was completely ignored.

Right through our growing years we used to hear doctors tell our parents to not eat fat because that would cause so many problems while the actual devil which is sugar was completely ignored.

Another thing that I wrote in my post yesterday was about, sugar being addictive. I had only compared it to drugs. But I also realized while reading “Cracked it” that the source of alcohol, which is also very addictive in nature, is also originating through the same process as sugar.

Even when you are having alcohol, you are taking in a lot of sugar. While beer may have lower sugar compared to say whisky, you end up consuming a much higher volume of beer compared to whiskey, leading to the popular term in India ” beer belly “

Coming back to Yudik’s work, it would have been lost completely if in 2009 an endocrinologist had not brought out a video on YouTube called Sugar the Bitter Truth.

In ancient times people used to believe that earth is the center of the universe and the sun rotates around us…..till someone proved it otherwise and communicated it well….so I realized that someone had already spoken about Sugar being bad about 65-70 years back but poor communication or persuasion had kept us focusing on the wrong things for so long

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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