Domino effect….can also be non linear

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Generally when we think of the domino effect,  we generally think in terms of small rectangular tablets lined up in a sequence standing at the thin edge. You just push one of them and slowly one after another they all fall down in a sequence.

It’s a visual treat to watch these blocks fall.

What I didn’t know is that you can have dominoes of different sizes lined up similarly from the smallest to the largest and if you push the smallest one, it can make all the dominoes to fall.

I learnt this while reading the book The One Thing by Gary Keller. As per him you could have the same domino effect work out if the next domino in line is upto 50% larger than the previous one. What this in effect means is an infinite leverage is possible because of the non-linear progression you can get by making each domino 50% bigger than the previous one. This can have a major boost for productivity.

The premise of his book is that if you were to do only one thing, you should do the one which would ensure that all the others get done automatically or with very little effort

The theoretical meaning of this fact is that you can have enormous leverage available to you if you can identify that smallest domino in a sequence, which if pushed can make all the other dominoes fall. It sounds similar to the work of a catalyst in a chemical reaction.

Since I am a big fan of leverage, I have seriously started looking at the arguments which Gary has placed forward and trying to experiment with them.

While the logic seems to be in place I need to figure out how will I make a it a practice to regularly identify the key domino.

Will keep you pasted.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!


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