Lucky or hardworking/smart work

charity, Gratitude, Karma

There’s always a lot of discussion which takes place whether a person is lucky because of which she is successful . While I would love to say that luck has no role to play, its pure work then there would be nothing more wrong in my view.

Being born at this time in the world when the world is a much safer place than 1000 years ago, its luck. As Warren Buffet says, being born in America versus some third world country was pure luck and more than half the battle won for him in his journey towards becoming the richest man in the world.

While tricks of the trade or skills are absolutely important – if you haven’t studied medicine you can’t get to become a successful surgeon. But as Napoleon used to say he would want to have a general in his army who was lucky. So a surgeon who is lucky could definitely be more successful in his surgeries, compared to another.

Or a surgeon who was born and practises in the United States of America could be much more prosperous than one in India – being born in the USA could be the one element – assuming the skill is constant.

Is luck a constant factor – again I don’t know. But having said that , my belief is that with your Karma you can change your luck and that is why I write so much about God / Karma / Charity / Gratitude. While I try to decipher the science behind it – like how gratitude improves your mood and therefore helps you think better and therefore you can do better – I am not sure if there’s a clear answer.

To cut the size of this post without sounding too philosophical, I do believe that luck does play a role – I would say at least 51% while you could attribute the remaining to hard work, smart work etc.

Let me know your views in the comments section below.

Till next time then

Carpe Diem!!!

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