80/20 to improve on your weaknesses

Habits, Leverage, prioritizing

Its always better to focus on your strengths rather than wasting time on your weaknesses.  If over a period of time you eliminate all the activities except where you are excellent,  you can have an amazing life.

Now the above is something which I would work towards as my ultimate objective.  However there are times when you need to work with some of the weaknesses also because of business reasons.

I was never knowledgeable about legal terms of a contract.  But after I  came into my present role, I had to discuss on legal parts of a contract. Before this, legal language was absolutely Greek to me.

While marketing and sales is my forte, I had to build some capabilities on legal language. So I  identified some 20% items which were always a bone of contention in any legal contract.  So I  would just check  on those first and the other side was immediately engaged.

The other place where I am not strong is spreadsheets- initially when I  was stuck with studying business plans on excel sheets, I was all over the place trying to understand what was going on. Now I have identified a few key things which help me navigate the sheet and ask the right questions to my finance team.

With this I am able to achieve 80% of the tasks in any excel spreadsheet with ease. Its what I call small hinges moving larges doors.

Till next time….don’t waste your time in trying to strengthen your weaknesses. Identify the 20% that can meet 80% of the requirements.

Carpe Diem!!!

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