The exciting life of a B2B salesperson

B2B, Sales

Today’s post is about the see-saw situation in the life of a sales person. I am speaking from a B2B perspective. I don’t know if this is true in consumer sales or in other professions also.

I used to be a sales person in my initial years, moved into different roles and today have responsibilities for both marketing and sales.

For over the last 30 odd years its so happened that when you start your day with some very positive news from a customer – like a customer whom you had been following up for months for an order, suddenly calling you and telling you they want to give you an order for a million dollars.

You are elated with the fact that you have been able to beat your competitors. The customer has found value in what you’re offering, they believe your company can deliver the goods and they have found you to be a genuine and resourceful person.

As you move through the day trying to close on this customer’s order and feel elated, towards the end of the day you will receive a crisis call from another customer.

This customer will then be firing you on all the things that are wrong with your product or service etc. So you end the day feeling very low. What started on a high ends on a low.

On the other hand I have also observed the reverse when the day starts with firing on all sides and ends on a happy note.

But this is what makes the life of a B2B salesperson exciting. All customers are nice. They are also people and they have problems. They call out and fire you because they have expectations that you will solve their problems. If you solve their problems they will stick to you for a long long time. You will build deep relationships, that will keep giving you business for multiple years.

Till next time then, enjoy the sales role.

Carpe Diem!!!


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