Travelling the world – during Covid times


If you have been following my blog for sometime, you would have noticed that I keep talking about my bucket list.

This bucket list is primarily about travelling to different destinations and taking up different kind of adventures. I have wanted to visit New Zealand and Australia, do snorkeling of the coast in Australia , visit the dragon island in Indonesia, stay in the ice hotel in Iceland, watch the Northern Lights as well as the Southern Lights and a lot more.

Now since the Covid started in India in March of last year in India we have been more or less locked in our houses or at a maximum visited a few local places nearby.

With the second wave of the Covid the situation has become even more depressing out here and I was talking to my brother about it.

He knows my interest in travelling so he suggested a few videos on YouTube which take you to different parts of the world literarily. Since yesterday therefore we have been watching Jane MacDonald’s cruise trips. These are videos are so well made, that they relieved some of the places I had visited in the US and Canada and also showed us some places which we had not been.

Today we were watching the cruise trip to Australia and New Zealand. She took us to quite a few places on my bucket list and also added a few more.

I don’t know when we will have the ability to actually go out and explore the world again and meet new people and do new adventures. Till then, instead of a physical travel list , I now have a bucket list of YouTube journeys that I have to undertake .

If you have other suggestions for visiting different places around the world do share in the comments section below.

Carpe Diem!!!

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