B2B messaging – Using Triggers – 2

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Yesterday I wrote about one of the best triggers that I have found in B@B messaging, when someone joins in a new role from outside the company in the executive position.

There are multiple other triggers that can be used based on the environment the company is operating in.

  1. New regulation / compliances in the industry which everyone has to comply with especially if followed with a time limit
  2. Going out / End of Life – of a license/regulation – again if there is a time limit it is even more critical
  3. Entry of a new competitor in the market
  4. Entry of a new technology
  5. Impact of an event on a competitor and how it can apply to them
  6. Global crisis and many more….

The reason I addressed the “new joinee trigger” as an independent post yesterday was because I have found that to be the most effective. With the above triggers the challenges are seen as more long term and people may not react to your messaging immediately.

Apart from the timing issue the other challenge is again related to targeting the right person in the organsiational matrix with the messaging for the above.

If you have been following my blog, I have given so many tactics for messaging whether its with dissonance or now with triggers or earlier with pain areas and aspiration areas.

The reason you have to test for so many different types of messaging is because you don’t know what kind of messaging will invoke a response from which prospect. You have to keep persisting with trying various options continuously.

So keep testing.

Till next time then

Carpe Diem!!!

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