Marketing, Marketing Stamina, persistence

I had written yesterday how I felt so weak after getting the vaccination for COVID-19 that I had to cancel all my meetings with my team.

Today also the weakness continues so this post will also be short.

I had every inclination to not write this post, I could have given myself the excuse that I am not well.

But then I keep talking about being persistent day in and day out, so I would not be practicing what I preach, which would be an integrity problem.

Even if we do something in limited quantity but do it consistently so that the practice is not lost, whenever you get better , you will be able to scale up very fast.

This is also very true with your marketing. If you don’t want to have a Yo-Yo business then come what may, you have to ensure your marketing engine keeps running.

This is all for today.

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

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