Marketing Stamina

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I had heard this word for the first time about 2 years back in one of Dean Graziosi’s books or training seminars. I heard this again today while I was doing the Breakthrough DNA training, from Dean Jackson.

I have pre-dominantly come from the technology background where typical deal cycles are around 3-6 months. Being B2B, these are not impulsive purchases where people are not bothered about the risk with low value items.

In this scenario it takes months and months of messaging, following through, which results in leads getting generated.

Even after the leads come through its not going to result in an order.

Its your persistence to keep following up with the leads on a regular basis because sometimes it could take months for these customers to decide. This persistence is what both these gentlemen call as Marketing Stamina.

To ensure Marketing Stamina you need content to keep adding value to your prospect. But you also need to have cash flow to ensure you survive while this process is going on.

This is where the economics of lead generation and lead nurturing come in. You need to be clear how much money has to be spent to get a lead to come into your funnel and how much time the lead stays in the funnel before they buy (not necessarily from you). During this time you have to keep nurturing these leads.

This is different from the concept of Life Time Value. Life time value is about long term profits from a customer and the referrals. However the economics of lead gen and lead nurturing are more related to cash flow today.

So based on your economics and what you can afford to spend you choose the media for running the message to your prospects for both lead generation as well as for lead nurturing. You can’t run out of money or stamina because that is how you will build a long term business.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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