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Bigbasket is a grocery and fresh fruit and vegetables delivery e-commerce company in India. I order stuff from them via their Mobile App

I was ordering the monthly stock of groceries, couple of days back on their app.

I ordered my standard brand of multi grain flour, biscuits etc.

My wife had asked me  to also order mustard sauce.  I don’t  have a  preferred brand of mustard sauce. So I searched. There were basically two types of  mustard sauces- American Mustard and English Mustard. And every brand had these two.

To top it, I don’t know the difference between the two.

So I randomly decided to look at American Mustard sauce.

Now comes the interesting part….between the various brands that they had on their catalog, the only difference I could see was price…..maybe if I had tried to go deeper I would have found out some things. But at least I was not able to see upfront and I did not have the time to explore, so I kept scrolling down.

Suddenly I came across a brand which was clearly showing 96% fat free. Now please understand I don’t know if others are also equally fat free or not. But because I appreciate things which have less fat I ended up buying it. I didn’t think of price.

As a practioner of marketing I am always looking for seeing how companies who don’t have a brand, differentiate their products to make them stand out. Otherwise for most people if they don’t see the difference the only way people choose is on price.

Having a well recognized brand helps make you stand out. But if you’re starting new, the only way you can survive is by being able to differentiate your business.

On the other hand if you differentiate, then you will appeal to some people who will then not think of price when they buy your product or service. Slowly you then build your brand because of the differentiation.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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